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Tasting Notes

Ledaig 9 Year Old 2007.

Color White wine

Nose It is nice and dirty on the nose, if you know what we mean. A touch farmy with hints of smoked bacon, mackerel on the barbecue, olive oil, oysters and iodine. Underneath is a lovely sweetness from apples, honey, lemon and melon. Some play-doh even. Lots of earth. Our kind of Ledaig.

Palate It is beautifully oily and soft on the spices. The sweet fruit arrives first - with apples in the lead - but then the malt shows its true nature: ashes, tar, pepper. A lovely smoke development with a beautiful salty edge appears. The second sip reveals some citrus fruit (grapefruit, lemon) and - when the smoke clears a little - even some candy sugar.

Finish The finish is surprisingly long, warm and smoky with lots of citrus at the end. It dies a salty sweet death.

Comments Young and dirty, that's how we would describe our Ledaig. But we am not exaggerating when we say that this is one of the best young Ledaig we have come across

Mark & Manny - 14/10/2017