Tasting Notes

Mark and Manny have spent many, many long evenings tasting whisky samples. At long last, they settled on this beautiful single malt for its outstanding qualities.

Allt-A-Bhainne 24 Year Old 1993


The nose is wonderfully fresh and bright on apples and pears, pineapple juice, citrussy notes, apricots and mango. If you pay attention, you might even detect a single strawberry. A light floral and herbal note gives it the summery character. Wet hay in the background. Lots of honey and some green tea. Delicate hints of eucalyptus. Complex? Nope. Good? Damn straight!

The taste is wonderfully sweet on all kinds of ripe fruits – citrus and apricots in the lead now – but immediately followed by a surprisingly sturdy spiciness in the guise of vanilla, caramelized ginger and a single grain of pepper. Round and mouth coating. It even turns a bit creamy on toffee and sticky honey.

The finish is medium long, spicy without losing its sweetness and drying at the death.

A blender’s whisky, they say, but take your time for this one and you’ll find this a very attractive and yummie Allt-A-Bhainne! We were impressed by this intense fruity and spicy Speysider. Another fine addition to the series of Mark & Manny’s Malts.


Check out this video by Mark & Manny about their latest release!


May the Malt be with you!