Tasting Notes

Mark and Manny have spent many, many long evenings tasting whisky samples. At long last, they settled on this beautiful single malt for its outstanding qualities.

Orkney 15 Year Old 2002

Full gold

Wonderfully fruity and bright nose on apricots and peach, joined by some bitter oranges, but soon the typical distillery traits rear their heads: earth, heather, soft peat and a salty edge. The smokiness in the background is very discrete, but oh, so heart-warming.

The body is just great. Round and rich and – despite the high ABV – not burning. Forget water, you do not want to dilute this. While the typical salty note comes first now, along with some grand peat smoke, the fruitiness gives it a delicious sweet side that becomes irresistible. Pastry, dried apricots, oranges and a hint of pineapple on the barbeque. Boy, oh boy, this is good.

In the very long and wonderfully fruity finish, the malt proves how well balanced it truly is.

Manny and I are very happy to be able to present this malt to you. We are certain it will be enjoyed during many a winter evening. A worthy conclusion to our Antarctica Series.


Check out this video by Mark & Manny about their latest release!


May the Malt be with you!