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The Interludium Gin
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Interludium Gin


Batch 03 - Scotland

TICK TOCK, it's gin o'clock

Summer will soon be upon us once more, so it's time for Mark & Manny to present to you their yearly malternative - the Interludium Gin!

You may remember that the first Interludium Gin was Dutch, while the second batch was Belgian (check the history here). There were two reasons for that. First, it's where gin originally came from (Holland & Belgium) and it's where Mark & Manny come from (Belgium & Holland).

But now that we got this out of our system, it is time to move on and create something new and exciting for you gin lovers! This time we went all out and actually got a gin that aged for 8 months in a Speyside whisky cask.

cask aged

That's right!

This Interludium Gin aged in a cask that previously held a premium single malt from Speyside. We could tell you which one, but we'd have to kill you...

That is why this third batch of our gin is not clear, but has a brilliant golden hue, thanks to the interaction with the wood.

This gin profits from the whisky as well, giving it a bit of a twist, making the Interludium Gin Batch 03 somewhat atypical, but all the more interesting. Check the tasting notes to find out more.

Oh, did we already tell you it is bottled at 46% ABV?

Interludium Gin - Batch 03 - Scotland
Aged in a whisky cask - bottled at 46%

As Mark & Manny are wont to do, this batch of gin is again strictly limited to 50 bottles. So if you want to enjoy this during your summer holidays, you had better hurry your order along!