Antarctica Series 3: coming soon

In 2016 we launched Mark & Manny's Malts with the Animal Series.
In 2017 we offered you the Galaxy Series.
During the summer, you were treated to the Interludium Gin.

This year, we proudly present to you the Antarctica Series, in which we will again offer you four fantastic single cask releases, each of them featuring landscapes from Antarctica on the labels. The first one, which we launched in February 2018, was a fruity aperitif style Speyside whisky: Aultmore 14 Year Old 2002. The second bottling was a Tennessee 13 Year Old 2003 from a secret USA distillery.

The third bottling will be something completely different.

The labels are created with photographs by Ilse Everaert and are simply stunning, as will be the contents of these stellar releases.

Expect the third bottling on 3rd September 2018.

Stay tuned!


May the Malt be with you!