Antarctica Series #4 - Orkney 15 Year Old 2002

After the success of the first two series of limited editions (the so-called Animal Series and Galaxy Series, check our history page here), it was only logical that Mark & Manny would continue their search of exclusive single casks of whisky.

The plan is to again release 4 whisky's this year, which will be limited to only 50 bottles each.

The third series is an homage to Ilse Everaert, a Flemish photographer, who visited Antarctica a couple of years ago and came back with many stunning photos. Mark & Manny were so impressed that they asked Ilse for permission to use some of these on the labels of their bespoke whisky releases. Ilse was charmed and readily agreed.

We started with a fruity Speysider from the Aultmore Distillery and then offered an amazing Tennessee Whiskey from across the pond. Our third release as a summery Allt-A-Bhainne of over two decades, a malt of which no official releases are available.

Now we take you to the Northern Isles of Scotland for our fourth and final release in this series: an Orkney 15 Year Old 2002 that matured on a sherry cask!

We found this cask slumbering away in the warehouses of a certain Viking distillery that shall not be named...

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You will notice that the label is designed in such a way that the information about the release appears on the back of the bottle, allowing the stunning photograph to get all the attention it deserves. More info here.

On the label of our fourth and final release, Ilse captured a dramatic iceberg in the Weddell Sea, which was named after the Scottish sailor James Weddell who entered the sea in 1823. It is part of the Southern Ocean. You can read more about it here.

The MMM Credo

MMM - or triple M for short - stands for Mark and Manny's Malts, sure. But it stands for a lot more... 

Our credo is as straightforward as our plan. We will be offering great taste in small numbers. We will bottle affordable malts that everyone can enjoy. And we will always tell you exactly what distillery it is from and when it was distilled.

50 bottles only!

Our releases are always limited to only 50 bottles! So get them while you can.

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May the Malt be with you!