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Every summer, Mark & Manny take a short break from whisky and enjoy a summery alternative. In the first four years, this was gin, the following four years some outstanding rum. Now the time has come to shift our focus to the vineyards of southern France to get quite intimate with some outstanding French spirits.

For our first French release, we have found an outstanding cognac from a high profile producer! Hence we proudly present to you:

Cognac XO Vallein Tercinier

Cognac has proved to be quite popular in Belgium of late and has seen many fantastic releases, including some old to very old vintages. We have been lucky to try many of those as well and it made us fall in love with this spirit, but some of those releases are not always in everyone's price range.

In the next four years, we aim to bring you a perfect example of an outstanding French spirit, but at a price range that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Click here to check out the stunning label.

If you want to add this great cognac to your collection, then click here to order. Remember, there are only 50 bottles available. To find out more about this latest release, go here.

The price of each bottle is 60 EUR and is limited to one bottle per person, to allow as many people as possible to get one.

Check the bottle countdown on the bottom of this page for availability. First come first served, of course.

May the Cognac be with you!

Produced by Vallein Tercinier

More info here.

The MMM Credo

Our credo is as straightforward as our plan. We will be offering great taste in small numbers. We will bottle affordable malts that everyone can enjoy.

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