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Summer will soon be upon us once more, so it's time for Mark & Manny to present to you their yearly malternative.

Between 2016 and 2019 they released 4 batches of the highly acclaimed Interludium Gin, but they felt it was high time to look out for something completely new.

This year - the fifth already - Mark and Manny will will seduce your taste buds with an altogether different type of poison! They are therefore proud to present to you their first batch of the...

Batch 01
The Netherlands

This Caribbean style rum, distilled in the innovative iStill in The Netherlands of all places, matured on a 50 liter virgin oak cask for over three years before being bottled at a cask strength of 58% ABV.

Click here to check out the stunning label featuring the staves of the cask.

If you want to add this great rum to your bar, then click here to order. Remember, there are only 50 bottles available. To find out more about this latest release, go here.

And while the rum is delicious on its own, we are happy to share our personal favorite cocktail with this beauty: the Dutch Eagle (yeah, we made that up ourselves). Find out how to create this here!

The price of each bottle is 50 EUR and is limited to one bottle per order, to allow as many people as possible to get one.

Check the bottle countdown on the bottom of this page for availability. First come first served, of course.

May the Rum be with you!

If you drink rum before 10 o'clock, you're not an alcoholic...

You're a pirate! Savvy?

The MMM Credo

Our credo is as straightforward as our plan. We will be offering great taste in small numbers. We will bottle affordable malts and malternatives that everyone can enjoy.

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