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After the tremendous success of the first series of limited editions of single malt whisky (the so-called Animal Series, check our history page here), it was only logical that Mark & Manny would continue their search of exclusive single casks.

Because of their love
for sci-fi - and Star Wars in particular - it comes as no surprise that their second series - to be released over the course of 2017 - has the Galaxy as a theme.

The plan is to release 4 single casks this year (and we'll certainly throw in another Interludium Gin this summer), which will again be limited to only 50 bottles each.

For their first cask in this new series, they have ventured out to the island of Arran. The distillery was founded in 1995 and this cask was one of the first produced in 1996.

This single cask is one of the very first ever produced, distilled in 1996.

It was bottled in 2016,  making it one of the very first Arran 20 Year Old on the market. It matured on a bourbon cask and was bottled at cask strength, a whopping 54,1% ABV.  Check the video here!

As always with these types of releases, you must hurry if you want to get hold of it. Once they are gone... well, you know this by now. So move fast.

Click here to check out the stunning label they designed for this bespoke release, featuring the planet Saturn.

Saturn was the god of agriculture in ancient Roman mythology, with which Mark & Manny refer to the barley used to create this beautiful single malt.

If you want to add this great Arran to your collection, then click here to order. Remember, there are only 50 bottles available. To find out more about this latest release, go here.

The price of each bottle is 90 EUR (shipping not included) and is limited to one per person, to allow as many people as possible to get one.

Check the bottle countdown on the bottom of this page to check availability. First come first served, of course.

May the Malt be with you!

The first ever 20 years old Arran bottled at cask strength!

The MMM Credo

Our credo is as straightforward as our plan. We will be offering great taste in small numbers. We will bottle affordable malts that everyone can enjoy. And we will always tell you exactly what distillery it is from and when it was distilled.


The Whisky Series

The first series (in 2016) was the Animal Series. Check out history page for more information.
The second series, which starts with this release, is the Galaxy Series. Each release will feature an element of our galaxy.

The first is the planet Saturn.

50 bottles only

Mark & Manny release small batches of only 50 bottles each of single cask whisky, sourced in Scotland or elsewhere. They aim to release 4 bottles a year, creating themed series. Every series will thus contain 4 different bottlings. They are now in the process of bottling their first release in the second series, a sherry cask matured Arran from 1996. Limited to one bottle per customer! Find out more about this amazing release on these pages. And remember: only 50 bottles will be available. Once these are gone, that’s it. So do not get left out and order today!

The Arran 20 Year Old 1996 will be 90 EUR per bottle (plus shipping). Click here to order!

May the Malt be with you!

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