Are you ready for the third release?
The Python has arrived! (sorry - SOLD OUT)


1st September 2016 - 18h08
The third release is already sold out!

1st September 2016 - 18h00
The third release in this limited series of whisky has arrived!

After the success of the The Ape (a young and feisty Craigellachie) and The Tiger (a quaffable Tamdhu), the time has come to reveal our third release in the Animals Series. We proudly present to you The Python, a port cask finished Breton whisky: Armorik 2008. Check out the video here!

This whisky is very special to us for three reasons!

1) It is a single portwood cask finshed whisky at a cask strength of 49%.
2) It is a French single malt from the Warenghem Distillery, bottled in their own bottles with their logo.
3) It is the very first independent bottling ever of the bespoke Armorik single malt!

Every year Mark & Manny will launch a series of malts, but extremely limited. Each release will only be 50 bottles strong. So if you want to be a part of this, you will have to move fast. This is strictly limited to one bottle per customer. This is their third release.

The Triple M Credo.

MMM - or triple M for short - stands for Mark and Manny's Malts, sure. But it stands for a lot more.

Our credo is as straightforward as our plan. We will be offering great taste in small numbers. We will bottle affordable malts that everyone can enjoy. And we will always tell you exactly what distillery it is from and when it was distilled.

The Whisky Series.

One series every year. One theme every year. The series will consist of an unspecified number of malts, depending on how quickly we can find a great cask, but we aim for 4 malts per year.

The first series is the Animal Series. Each release will feature an animal on the label. The third is the Python.

Expected delivery: Mid-September 2016.

Order now!

You want this? Of course you do. But you will have to be fast, as this bottling is strictly limited. So pre-order now!

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Mark & Manny

Who are these two crazy guys that came up with this plan for new and bespoke whisky series?

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Tasting notes

Find out how wonderful this bespoke whisky smells and tastes, guided by these tasting notes and whisky video!

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50 bottles only, no more, no less

Mark & Manny are set to release small batches of only 50 bottles each of single cask whisky, sourced in Scotland from single malt distilleries. They aim to release 4 bottles a year, creating themed series. Every series will thus contain 4 different single malts.

They are now in the process of bottling their third release, a portwood cask finished Breton single malt whisky from the Warenghem Distillery. Limited to one bottle per customer!

Find out more about this amazing release on these pages. And remember: only 50 bottles will be available. Once these are gone, that’s it. So do not get left out and pre-order today!

May the Malt be with you!