Interludium Gin


Batch 03 - Scotland

Interludium Gin & tonic


Perfect serve!

interludium gin - neat

The Interludium Gin - Batch 03 - has aged in a whisky cask, giving it both extra color and flavour. This enables you to enjoy this gin neat, with just a cube of ice (or two, or three).

The nose is very aromatic and certainly reminds you of a whisky. Next to citrus, juniper berry and coriander, it’s the beautiful hints of toffee and vanilla that capture your attention. In the back, there is even a trace of woodsmoke. That must be from the whisky cask!

It is very rich on the palate. Robust even! Next to the typical traits you would expect from a London Dry gin, there is again that lovely sweetness of vanilla.

A slight bitterness is joined by sweet oak in the long finish.

What a lovely, sweet and fruity gin with a smoky twist. A sippin’ gin, to be sure. This is very much a gin to sip neat.

Truth be told, we love it so much neat, that we will most likely enjoy at least half of our bottle that way. Having said that, with summer bearing down on us, there is little more that can refresh you like a good gin & tonic, so let's give that a go!

interludium gin & tonic

There are a lot of ways to create a nice gin & tonic, playing with botanicals left and right, but truth be told Mark & Manny are some straightforward guys. They like to keep things simple.

For our gin & tonic, we only need ice (okay, lots of it) and some lemon and lime peel - for decoration purposes mostly, to be honest.

Put lots of ice cubes in your glass and swirl them around until your glass is cooled nicely. Get rid of the excess water that has collected in your glass.

Pour 7cl of the Interludium Gin over the ice cubes and then add 20cl of a neutral tonic (for example the regular Fever Tree). Pour this gently over a barspoon so the bubbles remain in your cocktail. Drop the lemon and lime in your drink and do not stir!

Sip and try not to smirk.

You can, of course, try this with other tonic waters as well - there are quite a few that work well, in fact - but this was our preferred combo.
7cl Interludium Gin - batch 03
20cl Fever Tree tonic
2 slices of juicy lime (for decoration mostly...)
Lots of ice cubes

Bring on the summer. Bring on the gin & tonic. Bring on Interludium!