Ilse Everaert

Photographer extraordinaire - Visit her website here!

Ilse was born on Christmas Eve 1976 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. As a child, Ilse loved skiing, as a result she spent quite some time in the Swiss and Austrian mountains. In her teenage years, Ilse travelled frequently to Scandinavia - Finland.

At the age of 14 she got her first camera – an Olympus AZ-330 – from her father, to document her travels. Ilse kept using that single-lens reflex camera (SLR) alongside her first digital camera - a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H1 - well into the mid 2000’s.

Over the years, Ilse has become quite a globetrotter. She has visited over 40 countries (including: Croatia, Iceland, US, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Tunisia, Namibia, China, Japan, Mongolia, Australia and New-Zealand) and set foot on every continent on this planet. An achievement she is really proud of! Ilse now uses a Nikon D90, a Nikon D900 and a variety of lenses to capture those special memories.

In March 2015 Ilse boarded an expedition cruise to the South Pole. For two weeks she cruised to and around the Antarctic peninsula. She came back from the experience with thousands of pictures of ice, landscapes and fauna and flora. Ilse wanted to share her adventure. So, in October 2015 she hosted her first exhibition on her polar voyage.

The exposition was a success and has led to a lecture on the topic and now to the labels for the Antarctica Series of Mark & Manny’s Malts.

“Photography is a passion of mine, through photography I can show my creativity and ideas, while making other people happy with the result.
I try to capture the best moments of the nature, animals and people in an artistic way, so people can have a tangible reminder of this moment. This is what fascinates me in photography. In this way I can do something for people, while at the same time I can reflect my own experiences, insights and ideas”

Ilse Everaert

The label of the Antarctica Series is designed in such a way that all the attention is drawn to the superb photograph by Ilse. The text is moved to the side of the label, which moves it to the back of the bottle. This means that, when you put the bottle on the shelf, the only visible text will be the MMM-logo, the title of the series and a credit to our photographer extraordinaire, Ilse Everaert.

We are very proud to have been granted permission to use some of her best photos for our bespoke whisky series.


May the Malt be with you!